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Be fulfilled and rewarded with your guitar playing: Ultimately you want to play the guitar and experience the pleasure and creativity that it will bring. You may want to write songs, perform, create a band, meet other musicians, or just enjoy playing at home.

You’re a beginner, you want to learn guitar but are overwhelmed by the amount information provided online or through Apps. With good guitar lessons you can achieve your goals quicker, gain confidence in your ability, learn at your own pace. You will gain the experience and the means to understand the notes and chords you are playing, the techniques and how you apply them. Click here for more information. 

Not having played an instrument or being able to read music is not important, every one has to start somewhere. You can get playing and learn to strum without having to read a note, in a relatively short time you will be able to learn how to read guitar Tablature (TAB for short), and unless you are working with other musicians, or want to expand your knowledge there isn’t any real need to have to learn standard notation.

This is quite common, and very sad that people (often in childhood) have had poor lessons and bad experiences.

Historically lessons in any instrument have been strictly structured, measured through examinations, no flexibility over the music that is learnt, and teachers who cannot or just won’t teach outside a classical methodology. Click here for more information.

I offer weekly hour lessons, fortnightly hour lessons and 30 minute weekly lessons. The important thing is not what the teacher thinks you should have, but what suits your lifestyle best. A couple of things you want to think about; you want to be able to achieve the goals set from one lesson to the next, you don’t want to feel under pressure or stressed as this can be a big driver towards giving up and can be easily avoided. Click here for more information.

I think this is the most important piece of advice I can give any prospective student. Ask yourself how much time can you afford to practice; it is the difference between succeeding or failing. And be really honest to your self. Click here for some more information.

I do not believe that age should stop anyone from learning the guitar or any other instrument. I have many mature students and have taught beginners who are starting in their 70’s. Click here for more information. 

To provide structured lessons and development I teach children from 5 years. There is no perfect age for your child to start. In my experience, children’s interest in playing guitar develops at different ages, as long as they enjoy the lessons, practice, enjoy playing and listening to music, and very importantly like their teacher, they will be very successful students and ultimately have a skill for life. Click here for more information. 

Yes, and I encourage it. Parents can see what is being learnt and what their child needs to practice. It is not essential and I always keep parents up to date with progress.

All lessons are taught from my home studio in Bramley.

I teach from 9.30 am up to 9pm. Mondays to Fridays. I do not teach weekends.

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Booking a lesson is easy, just follow the link and fill in your details Click here

For lessons you will only need to bring your guitar and plectrum. Here is a list of equipment that will help your learning, and this can be built up over time. Click here for the list.

No, I will provide all lesson material that is needed. However I do recommend that students buy songbooks and any other materials that will help them in their learning.

It is impossible and unprofessional for any teacher to guarantee how long it will take you to learn. Everyone learns at their own pace, it is entirely dependant on practice and the way you practice. Learning never stops as you develop your skills your goals and expectations will change.

Many people are put off by theory, maybe they have had bad experiences in the past or the thought that it may be difficult. Music Theory is a huge subject but not something to be feared or ignored, it can be very enjoyable and rewarding. Click here for more information.

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In learning terms there is very little difference between the two. The most important thing is that the instrument stays in tune and that you like it. A decent guitar will reward a beginner and help their musical development. Click here for some more information.

Get Results with undivided attention, at your level and your schedule. No matter what your goals or aspirations, Tom will be delighted to help.

Tom will teach you the skills you need to play guitar, not just learning songs, but enable you to be empowered and confident in your playing. Providing lessons to Individuals from 5 years and up, all beginners for electric and acoustic guitar, small groups, intermediate to advanced players as well as song writing and composition. Click here for some more information.