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My Introduction

Hi, I’m Tom Elliot and welcome to Leeds Guitar Lessons. As well as teaching from my studio, I also offer online guitar lessons for those people that might not be able to get to my studio due to other lifes commitments.

I teach people with no experience of playing the guitar and people that have lots of experience but wish to learn more. I’m able to create tailored lesson plans to suit any needs, whether your wanting to learn county music from scratch or your wanting to learn rock music with experience of playing.

I’ve been playing and teaching the guitar for over 25 years and over those years I’ve seen pretty much every skill and mistake when it comes to playing the guitar. However, I now use both my experience and knowledge to help my students reach a professional level of guitar playing.

I offer online guitar lessons for people that can’t get to my studio. Many of my students have found this element to be very useful as it allows them to save themselves from rushing around to get to their lesson. Whether you decide to come to my studio for your lesson or you decide to take online guitar lessons, you’ll still be provided with a stress-free lesson that is tailored to your needs.

How The Lessons Are Structured

To get to know my student’s individual needs, I usually start off by having a phone call with anyone interested in taking a guitar lesson with me. This will allow me to find out the kind of learner you are and what style of music you are wanting to learn. We’ll also discuss whether you are wanting to come to my studio for your lessons or whether you would prefer to take online guitar lessons.

Once we’ve had the phone call, you’ll be able to have your first free introductory lesson.

When you get further into your training, I’ll begin teaching you how to create your own music. This is a fantastic underlining knowledge to have when playing the guitar.


All of your lessons will be paid monthly so you won’t have to worry about bringing money to your guitar lessons every week. You can decide whether you’d prefer to learn one to one or in a small group (max 3).

The packages I offer are:

  • 1-hour lessons a week which is £115 a month.
  • 1-hour Fortnightly lessons which are £60 a month
  • Half an hour each week for £60 a month

If you’re interested in booking a lesson, fill in your details into the form provided!