Guitar lessons Leeds, Guitar Lessons Bradford

Isaac Edwards

Calverly, Leeds

I'm Isaac. I am 15 and I have been having lessons with Tom for a number of years. Tom suggested I should audition for Leeds College of Music and their Saturday Music School. I auditioned and was offered a place. I really like Tom's lessons because he has a very good way of teaching and makes it fun and challenging at the same time!

Dmitri Wychrij

Rawdon, Leeds

Tom is a great teacher and really nice guy as well! My playing has come on massively with his relaxed, tailored and informative style of teaching. He is passionate about all things guitar and music and has the prefect, varied set up
(recording eqt, drum beats, sheet music, you tube, technology etc) to get the best out a lesson and adapt to your level and learning ability. If you want to learn the guitart speak to Tom!
Guitar Lessons Bradford, Guitar Lessons Leeds

Martin French

Wyke, Bradford

After many years of playing the same old things on the guitar and making no progress I decided to look for a tutor who could teach me what I needed and at a time to suit me. I work away from home so I needed a tutor who could be flexible with lesson days, and someone who could teach me about music theory. Tom provided me with both. I felt after the first lesson that I could start making progress again. Tom was able to show me some fingering techniques which helped me to overcome some difficulties I had. I have learned a lot about music theory which has also helped with my playing. He is easy to get on with, helpful, very knowledgable and makes good coffee.
Guitar Lessons Leeds, Guitar Lessons Bradford

Jonny Lee

Bramley, Leeds

I have now been playing guitar for a year and am at a level of both playing and understanding that far exceeds any expectations that I had.

I was given a guitar by my wife that she had as a teenager and rediscovered in a cupboard in her parents house. For the first few months I was able to learn basic chords and a few songs to play along to using YouTube. However the enthusiasm that I started with quickly dried up as the learning was superficial. To remedy this I started casual half hour lessons with another teacher, this was both expensive and rushed and still did not give me the understanding I was looking for.

I started with Tom back in the winter 2015 and haven't looked back. Tom is enthusiastic, understanding and patient, aligning my lessons to the direction I want to take my music. He is teaching ME to play, rather than just teaching guitar. I would recommend his teaching to anyone who wants to learn and is keen to develop.
Guitar Lessons Leeds, Guitar Lessons Bradford

Chris Westwood

Adel, Leeds

Tom is a gifted, patient, and resourceful teacher with a passion for passing his love of the guitar to others. Learning guitar was something on my bucket list' when I retired and I'm glad to have Tom to work with in achieving that goal.
Guitar Lessons Leeds, Guitar lessons Bradford

David Bunkle


I really enjoyed my lessons with Tom. He got me playing quickly and always gave me good challenges to progress my skills. Definitely recommended to others!
Guitar Lessons Leeds, Guitar lessons Bradford

Dorothy Mahoney

Bramley, Leeds

I have always wanted to play the guitar and after retiring found the perfect time to learn. Tom is extremely patient and I am progressing steadily. I would certainly recommend him as the perfect tutor.
Guitar Lessons Leeds, Guitar Lessons Bradford

Steven Cox

Farsley, Leeds

Since I began taking guitar lessons with Tom, my ability to play the guitar and my understanding of how music works has already progressed to a point I previously believed I would never be able to achieve. His lessons are informative, challenging, and enjoyable, and his patient and friendly personality lends itself to teaching. He tailors his lessons to develop the styles and techniques that I want to play, based on the things I may request as well as showing me related techniques which expand my knowledge as a player.
Guitar Lessons Bradford, Guitar Lessons Leeds

Karl and Liesl Mower

Idle, Bradford

Tom is teaching myself and my 13 year old daughter. We both started in February this year as complete novices but even though my daughter has progressed quicker than me Tom is able to plan a lesson which involves us both and keeps us interested even with our different levels of playing.

In the short time that we have had lessons, we have learnt different techniques, styles, chords and scales. If there is a particular song that we wouold like to play, Tom will study it, learn it, then teach us it. I am not at the lesson every week but have no worries about Tom teaching my daughter on her own. We enjoy Tom's lessons because of his enthusiasm for playing the guitar and would recommend him to teach anyone regardless of age or standard. Thankyou Tom.
Guitar Lessons Leeds, Guitar Lessons Bradford

Debbie and Shanice

Stanningley, Leeds

My daughter has been having guitar lessons for the last few months and is really enjoying them. Tom is a very good tutor who understands the needs of a young teenager! Tom allows my daughter to progress at her own level whilst encouraging and steadily stretching her musical ability. The whole family are comfortable with Tom in our home, he is reliable and enthusiastic about teaching - highly recommended to any one considering lessons.'

Debbie Sinclair (Mum)

' Toms a cool teacher - he is a really good guitar player. I am learning to play chords and read music. I have a lesson at home every week and I practice after school by myself. Tom isn't like a teacher at school so i enjoy him coming every week and want to learn how to play a full song.'
(Shanice, Pupil)