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What Type Of Guitar Should I Buy Acoustic Or Electric?

Acoustic or Electric?

In learning terms there is very little difference between acoustic or electric. The most important thing is that the instrument stays in tune and you like it. A decent guitar will reward a beginner and help their musical development.

Acoustic guitars

Acoustic guitars are less expensive, low tech, and easily accessible i.e. you can leave it out and just grab it when you want to play, no setting up is necessary.

Acoustics can be tough to play initially due to the tension of the strings, this can be alleviated by changing them to a lighter gauge, (something beginners are never told). They often come with what is called a ‘high action’, this increases the tension of the strings (this can be fixed by a good guitar technician, again something you are never told). Ultimately taking time to choose your first guitar is important.




Electric guitars

Electric guitars on the other hand are more forgiving on the fingers, but deciding which model to play is another mine field, I would recommend a Telecaster or Stratocaster type, and of course you will need an Amp, a plectrum, and guitar lead. You can get starter packs, they are reasonable value, but I am not a big fan as I have found the amps are usually very basic and don’t sound great. I always recommend a roland micro cube, cheap and brilliant for a beginner amp, and it doesn’t cost a lot extra.



So you will be looking at £100 to £200 for an acoustic and electric will be £200 to £300. Buying second can come up with some affordable gems, so is always worth considering.

If you have any questions regarding anything you have read of you wan to sign up for some guitar lessons then contact me though the form provided!