guitar lessons in leeds

“I Would Like Guitar Lessons But Have Had Bad Experiences In The Past”

This is quite common, and very sad that people (often in childhood) have had poor lessons and bad experiences.

Historically lessons in any instrument have been strictly structured, measured through examinations, no flexibility over the music that is learnt, and teachers who cannot or just won’t teach outside a classical methodology.

If we look at the statement “I play guitar” the emphasis should be on PLAY. Playing music should be fun, exciting, and inspirational. It should not be tiresome or feel like a chore. Yes, to learn we have to work hard, not make it hard work.

I have an informal method of teaching, we identify the goals you want to achieve, and I listen to you and your needs. This is your time to learn the music you want to play. You will have structured lessons, and there will be some set pieces and exercises, but these are delivered in the context to your aspirations and ability. The focus is on your musical growth, there is no exam (unless this is a path you want to follow), and there is no competition just the drive inside of you to play better.

If you have any questions about what you have read or you are considering taking up guitar lessons, then contact me though the contact form provided!