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“I Just Want To Play Guitar, I Don’t Want To Learn Theory?”

Guitar Theory

Many people are put off by the guitar theory. Maybe it’s because they’ve had a bad experiences in the past or because they thing it’ll be difficult.

Music Theory is a huge subject but not something to be feared or ignored. It can be very enjoyable as well as being very rewarding. It’s simply a way to explain the music we play and listen to.

The Theory is taught in context and not as a separate course. I have always believed that putting theory in to practice gives the student a greater depth of understanding, greater confidence in their playing, and gives them listening skills to work out songs or solo’s. It doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Using my own Building Blocks lessons, I teach theory up to an intermediate level in a simple and non-pressured way. If you want a career in music then it is quite simple, Music Theory is the language of musicians and you have to learn at least the fundamentals.

If you have any questions about guitar theory, or this is something that you want to develop in your playing please contact me for your enquiry or to arrange a free intro lesson though the contact form provided.