guitar lessons in leeds

Why Have Lessons With Tom Elliott?

Get Results with undivided attention, at your level and your schedule. No matter what your goals or aspirations, Tom Elliot will be delighted to help.

Tom will teach you the skills you need to play guitar, not just learning songs, but enable you to be empowered and confident in your playing. Providing lessons to Individuals from 5 years and up, all beginners for electric and acoustic guitar, small groups, intermediate to advanced players as well as song writing and composition.


Receive high quality instruction from a professional full time guitar teacher, who is dedicated to music, educating students, and committed to help you progress in music.

Lessons are given in a comfortable and well-equipped studio, combined with Toms methods of teaching provides an enjoyable atmosphere. You will feel welcome no matter what your level of playing.


You cannot rely on a tutor who fits you in around their lives. Tom values your lesson time; you can depend on him to provide you a regular schedule and timetable that suits you.


Everyone learns differently; as your tutor, Tom will tailor lessons specifically to you. Lessons are focused on you and your goals; they are flexible, so if you want to change direction, you can.

Learning guitar should be fun. Tom will guide you in your practice routine, giving you tried and tested methods that will help you improve and develop.


Learning guitar requires support outside of lessons. Tom is always happy to answer questions and encourage his students with their playing. Help them to overcome any difficulties. He is happy to provide this support to anyone who wants to learn guitar.

Get in touch now for a chat or any questions you have about your guitar playing. Come for a free introductory lesson, and learn to play the guitar with Tom.