guitar lessons in leeds

How Often Should I Have Guitar Lessons?

When Do I Offer Lessons?

The type of lessons I offer are:

  • weekly hour lessons,
  • fortnightly hour lessons
  • 30 minute weekly lessons.

The important thing is not what the teacher thinks you should have, but what suits your lifestyle best.

A Couple Of Things You Want To Think About

  • You want to be able to achieve the goals set from one lesson to the next
  • You don’t want to feel under pressure or stressed as this can be a big driver towards giving up and can be easily avoided.
  • 30-minute lessons may feel too brief for some adults, but they do work for some and these should be very focused so as to deliver the information you need to learn in the time frame, and do these weekly.
  • Hourly weekly or hourly fortnightly? Choose on budget and your availability, a good teacher won’t tie you in so you can always experiment starting weekly to get you started and review it 3 to 6 months later.

If you have any questions about what you have read or you are considering taking up guitar lessons, then contact me though the contact form provided!